My name is Andy. I’m 41 and live in Washington, D.C. But I’m leaving to drive to Alaska, so I can live a better life outside of the rat race.

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  1. Just catching up with your trip, awesome that you two made heading to Alaska a reality. Watch out for the grizzles and enjoy all the day light.

    Love the lake photo.


  2. The photos are awesome, by the old fashioned definition as well as the new, but Yipes—I thought you were just going to TAKE the pictures. I guess saying “please be careful” doesn’t help–but DO.

  3. Hey Andy, I love your blog! You look like you’re having a fantastic adventure! And the photos are absolutely out of this world.

  4. Andy! Your…..photos….are….STUNNING!!!! I am speechless. SO happy for you and the beautiful, incredible, life-changing summer you’re having. Keep up the fun and BEAUTIFUL work!! Just getting back in touch/in contact with folks after an incredibly busy wonderful summer myself & wanted to say hi.

    AND I have to tell you that your July 1 post, “Everything I Know About Canada…” made be positively howl with laughter! As a Canadian I just wanted to say that you are hilarious; thanks for the actual LOL!!!

    Keep in touch.

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