Praveen watches the kite surfers

Crap man, I’m speechless kind of. Blown away by all the great things that are happening on this trip. We’re visiting all kinds of super cool people and visiting super cool places, one after another. It’s awesome. But it’s tough squeezing in the writing between driving, sleeping, visiting, and actually doing stuff. So I’m kind of frustrated right now, but anyway…

Taking the unexpected 20-mile dirt road through Navajo country was a bit of an adventure. We got great views of the smoke plume from the Flagstaff fires. Then we proceeded to Flagstaff where we found a pretty cool coffee joint using the GPS. Had a veggie burrito, then went to the brewery across the street where we still had the signal from the coffee shop. I was in heaven. Then we asked the waitress where we could camp. We wound up camping in the city parking lot, but I pulled up next to some other white commercial vans with the hope of blending in. No one bothered us, we got up at 5:30 and headed for LA. Got to LA and I ran into a building overhang in the Sportsmobile. No damage really, to the Sportsmobile, but I took a chunk out of the stucco building. Seems the Sportsmobile needs a clearance greater than 7′ 1″. Good to know. We took a nap then went out to an evil doll bar in Santa Monica. Talked to some nice people afterwards who were very impressed with the fact we had quit our jobs and were travelling. It was weird to be on the other side, to be the one who had quit and was doing something. Had breakfast the next morning at Swingers Diner, then headed up the coast to Santa Barbara where we went to Samy’s camera to get my sensor cleaned. Praveen bought a camera of course. Walked around the farmers market where the beautiful Brooks Institute photographer girls were all over the place. Then we took 154 over San Marcos pass and had dinner at Cold Springs tavern. This was a walk down memory lane for me. The light was great as we continued up 101 and past Santa Maria, where I used to live. Then we passed San Louis Obispo, another old haunt. Arrived at Rick’s in Santa Cruz around 1030.

Praveen updates his blog in Santa Cruz

From Santa Cruz we headed up the coast to visit our friend Scott in Pt Reyes, where I am right now. Headed for Portland next.

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