Finally, a Casino

Twighlight over Route 66 Casino

Here we are, only Sunday, day 4, and we’re just past Albuquerque. The sun is rising over the Route 66 Casino and I just gambled away my last $20. Ok not really, but I did just lose $20 in the crappiest gas station slots I have ever played. And, this is totally true, we took a wrong turn somewhere in Albuqurque. I don’t know what it is about Albuquerque and wrong turns, but somehow Praveen hyperspaced about 10 exits in front of me without either of us realizing it. When we called each other to find out where we were, it was very confusing that the exit numbers were going in opposite directions. Anyway, we wound up rendezvousing here at the casino.

Our goal today is to reach LA, which shouldn’t be a problem, except that it’s like 13 hours away and we’re kind of sick of driving at this point.

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  1. Need a place to crash on the west coast? I know a place with a hot tub. You might call it necessary therapy, I doubt the effects would last all the way on your drive north but you’d at least have the memory to keep you warm later.

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