We’re not in KS Anymore…

Leisurely morning in CO

Really. We’re in CO. So beautiful here at Ray’s place in the mountains, totally off the grid. He’s got solar power and everything. I’d like to write that up some. How you conserver power and are careful about what you use. Spring fed water tastes delicious. Aspen groves out back in the 91 acre back yard. Living room views of the La Garita wilderness. Another awesome dog, Loki. Delicious breakfast of cheddar jalepeno bagel with lox and avocado. So anyway, the whole house is paneled in local wood. So beautiful. A large table once owned by Georgia O’Keefe. And now we’re listening to Praveen’s stereo, drinking coffee and computing. So what else…we camped out at a rest stop in KS the night before, so this stop was especially incredible. I always love leisurly mornings with friends after a great night’s sleep.

Ray's Place

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