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Vehicles in St. Louis

St. Louis has a Costco! My favorite store in the world. However, there’s a lot more to this. First of all, I’m in St Louis. Praveen (my roommate) and I left DC yesterday in separate vehicles at 6am and drove 16 hours through WV, KY, IN, and IL to get here. We stayed with his friend Deepa and her husband and their awesome puppy, Frye. They have a cool house in a sketchy neighborhood so we had to park our equipment-laden vehicles in their gated backyard. I’m carrying Praveen’s stereo in the Sportsmobile, plus we have a lot of camera gear between us.  So back to Costco, my favorite subject. Anyway, Praveen got his oil changed in his Subaru Forester, and I needed my tires rotated on the Sportsmobile. Costco is great for tire shit. So I went there and they told me my 8-year old tires were not roadworthy. Fuck me. So I just shelled out $857 and change for 4 new tires. But, better to do that than to get stranded in AK or something.

So what else has happened since we’ve left? I’ve learned some new travel tips already on the first day. I’m very happy with my Engel fridge. Not having to stop for and deal with ice is great. My MP3 player (it happens to be an iPod but it’s just a fucking MP3 player people) is awesome. GPS is indispensible because it has a database of all the Costcos in North America. I’m thinking of planning a trip visiting every Costco in the country. Man I would love that. While it’s true I love Costco, it seems a little pathetic that that’s a highlight of my travels, something I can go to every day anyway even if I don’t travel. What’s that all about? I’d love to hear some thoughts on why Costco can get such a grip on you.

Packing up the house and putting everything in storage was such a fucking nightmare; I’m so glad that’s behind us.

So, so far so good on this trip. I’ll take preventive maintenance any day over crisis repairs. It increases your freedom and peace of mind.

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  1. COSTCO got the highest marks for places to shop (vs
    Walmart (ugh), Sams, etc. Might make a nice little piece, to write about your visits to Costcos around the country. Your Dad would approve.

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