Too Much Stuff

Man, I hate my stuff. It’s killing me to pay storage for a bunch of crap I don’t even want. But, I kind of procrastinated selling it and throwing stuff away so now I’m paying the price.

5 Replies to “Too Much Stuff”

  1. One could think of your process as a Liberation Safari, the culling from the herd of the weakest members of your collection of stuff, the selective reduction of the least able of them to meet redefined survival criteria. Only certain prize specimens will make the final cut!!!

  2. Hey thanks for that! I love the idea of my possesions meeting survival criteria–for their own and mine too. What do I need most to survive, happily if possible? Get rid of the rest!

  3. Brett! Thanks for checking in. But I’ve gotten so good at urban griping, I guess I just wanted to get some more in before I left. Later I’ll get into the wilderness griping, which will likely involve painful moose bites, so be sure to check back.


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