BC and Yukon Territory

I’m telling you, I want to be a professional hitchhiker picker-upper. I just dropped off the bodies of my….I mean I just dropped off my second pair of hitchers in two days. I’m in Haines Junction in the Yukon Territory, preparing to hit Alaska sometime tonight. I hope I meet more hitchhikers. Since Praveen flew back to LA, I’ve been on my own on the open road for the most part, driving. It’s FAR more interesting with hitchhikers on board than solo. Especially this first couple I picked up outside of Ft. Nelson in BC. Katrina, Trails (his name), and Illia their dog. They were classic vagabonds–been all over Canada hitching and hopping freight trains, camping in the bush and playing guitar on the street for money. That’s called “bunking,” I learned–playing for money on the street. Anyway they were headed for Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory which was on my way to AK, so they all piled in to the Sportsmobile and we drove until midnight, then pulled off the road aways to camp for the night. Before crashing though we had a little cocktail party in the Sportsmobile, safe from the mosquitos, and they told me all their stories of being juvenile vagrants. Pretty fascinating what they’d been through, and how self-sufficient and mature they were for their ages (which I didn’t ask, but I think they were under 20). Then they took the penthouse (the pop-up portion of the Sportsmobile) and I slept downstairs. It was still light out at 1:30 am. This morning we drove the remaining 4.5 hours to Whitehorse, where I dropped them off at the Klondike Inn to meet up with some friends of theirs. We parted ways and I went to a campground to take a shower.

The second couple I picked up just outside of Whitehorse. They were from the Czech Republic and had been traveling in Canada since May. They were more traditional european travelers as opposed to vagabonds like Katrina and Trails. But they were super nice and I was disappointed to find out they only wanted a ride to Haines Junction, about 45 min away.

So I’m heading out of here in a minute or so and will probably get to Alaska tonight, but not my final destination.

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  1. Keep writing … love it. Photos are fantastic, and im jeallous about the hippie stuff … ecstatic dance?!!! he he.

    So interesting the different filters and ways of seeing. I loved the ‘my gps started talking french and metric!” he he … (that was a few posts ago)… sounds like its hard to fit the writing in and keep doing it, it’s great!


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