Two Annas

Anna and Anna on the Eagle Creek trail

Space was held for me by two Annas on a spiritual journey up Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge yesterday. What an amazing hike. The path rose gently next to steep cliffs alongside a crystal clear stream. Leaves from giant moss covered trees filtered the sun and cast a green light on our skin.  The temperature would vary as we emerged from the cool shade of the trees to the warm breeze of the clearings. A mile or so into the hike, we took a path that led down to the stream where other travelers were taking photos and eating lunch. Looking for more solitude, we found a trail leading up the bank and took that and found a nice secluded area. In this spot we held a ceremony for nature. Intentions were voiced, the ceremony carried out and then we resumed our journey, climbing back to the main path. With two Annas as my guides we continued hiking this beautiful path a few more miles, then turned around and retraced our steps as the sun sank lower in the sky.

Tree hugger
Andy dances!?

I did some weird stuff in Portland. First there was ecstatic dance. Then acupuncture. Then a massage and a soak in the tub and sauna. Then the ceremonial hike in the gorge. This stop in Portland has been transformational. I’m leaving here lighter and happier, more focused on my goal, more solid. I love Portland and hope to return, if not actually live here.


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